Geoinformatics Engineering

GTS Engineering USA Incorporated (GTS) strives to provide you the benefit of the cutting-edge geo-informatics services we have earned expertise in. Few of our Geo-informatics services are:


At GTS, we are committed to providing you the GIS solutions to deliver the optimum business value. Our Geoinformatics consultants provide a complete array of consulting services, including assessment of your geographical and geo-spatial data requirements, information gather procedures and evaluation of your GIS IT infrastructure. Our consultants are also able to perform geospatial workflow analysis, design and optimize geospatial workflows as per your requirements.

We help our clients build their GIS roadmap, identify the technology candidates and the best-fit technology. Our GIS experts specialize in assisting our clients with identification of data, application design, database design, and execution methodologies. Our consultants are also skilled in optimizing your workflows and automating them to maximize the work productivity. In addition, we are instrumental in defining the data migration and system integration strategies so as to minimize the post-implementation overheads and the maintenance costs.

Application Development

GTS employs a team of expert GIS application developers who selectively combine the best-fit technologies to build GIS applications, maintain existing ones, and integrate them with other business systems. We are able to develop specific data models for your GIS applications. In addition, we have completed several Web-based and mobile-based GIS applications, which illustrates our capabilities in the field of GIS application development. We also help our customers leverage the interconnectivity between the systems by integrating their GIS applications with their existing/new enterprise IT systems.

Geo-Spatial Data Services

We are able to convert and digitalize your printed data, drawings, satellite imagery and photographs so that your GIS applications may make use of them. We have extensive experience in remote sensing, i.e. in satellite image sensing and interpretation. One of our key offerings is image processing that ensures that high-resolution images are rasterized maintaining the highest possible quality. Our service offerings include geo-referencing, ortho-rectification, mosaicing, color balancing, and cutting to specified output formats. We also offer survey data integration services that include digitalization and interpretation of observations from field surveys. Our data services are custom-tailored to meet your specific GIS data conversation and interpretation needs.

Managed Services

Our managed service offering has been designed to manage and maintain your GIS applications and data in a round-the-clock fashion. We managed service team follows the proven processes and ensure maintenance of their SLA’s with our clients. They provide 24×7 helpdesk and support services and are able to resolve your issues within acceptable timeframes to the desired levels of satisfaction. Our managed services team takes care of your GIS data updates, GIS work order posting and data conversion and also, perform quality testing of your GIS applications.

Network Asset Management

In order to manage your geographically distributed network assets, we offer our network asset management services. These assets may be drainage systems, pipelines, optical fibre networks, underground circuits, pavements. These all assets need to be linked directly to your information systems in order to allow you to monitor progress of the work, ensure smooth working of your network using GIS. We facilitate work and asset management using our expertise in integration of geographically scattered assets into your business systems. We undertake GIS transformation projects that involve maintenance and transformation of spatial data.

Land Management

Land management experts at GTS understand the spatial extent and usage of land information so that we can help organize the land records data for an effective planning. Land records data management is often a daunting task, which can be eased up with our land management engagement. We also help our clients with land valuation, land parcels’ mapping, and integrating land records to allow assessment of infrastructure for suitability of specific purposes and better management of land resources.

We also help our clients in their smart governance and e-governance enablement initiatives at various stages. Including the analysis of current governance practices, reviews, recommendations, planning, project execution and staff training, we are able to help at any/all stages whilst giving you the benefit of our strong technological foundation along the course.

Risk Management

Geo-informatics can help you understand any possible hazards and the risks associated with your widespread network assets. Our geo-informatics services are designed to give you an excellent view of such hazards and facilitate disaster management and outage management. We help develop risk profiles and prepare risk mitigation mechanisms considering the information like location-based data, road access, traffic flow patterns, vegetation density etc.

We also help our clients with claims analysis and management by optimizing their claims workflow. Our team ensures that your staff members get the most accurate location-based information to understand the losses your customers suffered and to devise plans to meet their needs precisely.

Location Intelligence

In several business scenarios, location awareness about your assets, equipments, and people may be vital for smooth operations. We provide the location intelligence services to equip you with tools that keep you informed about the location and location-specific attributes related to your assets. We provide location-intelligent fleet management and emergency response services. We enable our customers to identify the location of their fleet and make crucial business decisions in real-time. Also, we strive to provide a good view of your assets so that you can respond to emergencies without having to suffer losses. Our team works with our customers to understand their requirements so that they may benefit from our location-based services and derive the maximum value.