Heavy Engineering & Machinery

GTS has earned a significant reputation in the field of heavy engineering and machinery in the global markets. With our strong engineering & design capabilities and profound industry experience, we are able to serve our customers in various segments related to heavy engineering and machinery. Few of these segments include oil & gas equipment, steel, cement & power plant equipment, transportation, mining & exploration, earthmoving & yellow line equipment, agricultural machinery & equipment, material handling equipment, packaging machinery and machine tools.

Oil & Gas Equipment

We have helped our clients, including oil & gas operators, exploring & irrigation companies with our services in equipment design and engineering. With our deep understanding and thorough expertise in this field, we have been able to offer our oil & gas clients excellent design solutions in a cost-effective fashion.

Steel, Cement & Power Plant Equipment

Our solutions are crafted around leveraging the benefit of our design, validation, testing and PLM expertise to our clients in the field of steel, cement and power plants. Through the product lifecycle, we provide services that complement the service offerings and product vision of our clients. With our services, we enable our clients to introduce variations and test them at all the aspects to spell success.


In the transportation industry, it’s vital for manufacturers and OEMs to keep investing in newer and innovative products. GTS helps our transportation clients by providing time-testing design, illustrations, and FEA validation services so that they can ensure better products and reduce the time to market.

Mining & Exploration

Many of the leading mining & exploration companies have been relying on our expertise in PLM, design, validation, quality assurance and structural integrity assessment. As a result, our clients have been able to maintain efficiency in their supply chain and optimize their profitability.

Earthmoving & Yellow Line Equipment

We help our clients with the design and validation of their heavy earthmoving and yellow line equipment. We cater to the resource deficiency needs of our clients in these industries and streamline their product engineering and design activities utilizing our expertise.

Agricultural Machinery & Equipment

We understand the design concerns associated with the agricultural machinery and carefully consider all the pertinent issues while assisting our clients. While performing the design & validation we take care of all the crucial aspects, such as safety, compliance, supply chain, hazards, noise, and vibration etc.

Material Handling Equipment

Our proven material handling equipment design process involves input from all parties affected by the system including operations, maintenance, IT and vendors. We rely on our extensive industry experience to develop a material handling system design and a comprehensive set of performance and bid specifications. We can define system and subsystem-level requirements, develop layout options, perform simulation and analysis, and select best-of-breed technologies.

Packaging Machinery

We contribute to the packaging machinery industry by responding to the increasing challenges related to bio-degradability, recycling capability, increasing complexity, cost-effectiveness, load bearing capability, volume capacity. Our deep understanding of design, material selection, procurement, and manufacturing coupled with our expertise in simulation, analysis and modeling gives us an edge over our competitors and makes us a favorite choice for our clients worldwide.