Service Offerings

Product Engineering Service offering: Our engineers are working on diverse mechanical engineering applications catering to Oil & Gas equipment manufacturers, Industrial Machinery, Machine Tools, Heavy Engineering, General Engineering, Material Handling, Transportation, Aerospace, Automotive segments. Our state-of-the-art Engineering Center has highly skilled engineers and established competencies in the fields of Industrial Design/ CAD/ CAE/ Reverse, Value & Re-engineering/ PLM/ Technical Documentation & Publishing services.

GTS could assist customers in Product Design & Engineering areas:

  • Computer Aided Design including modeling & detailing
  • Engineering Change Request (ECR)
  • Value Engineering
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Tolerance Stack Study
  • Computer Aided Engineering including Finite Element Modeling & Analysis
  • Prototyping & Rapid Prototyping
  • Industrial Design
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Product Knowledge Management



–         Preparation of detailed engineering designs and drawings for various types of structures like:

  • Simply supported / Continuous,
  • Cast-in- situ / Precast, Segmental
  • Balance cantilever
  • Incremental launching
  • Cable stay / Cable suspension and more

–         Construction stage analysis with various possible erection procedures and erection control design of precast segments

–         Underground structures for Road/Rail traffic like:

  • Open cut and cover method of construction
  • Cut and cover using diaphragm walls method
  • Tunneling using TBM method
  • Tunneling using Austrian ATBM method
  • Underpasses

–         Review, Proof Checking and Independent Check for designs and drawings prepared by detailed design engineer.

–         Geometric design of Alignment/Profiles for different types of Roadways, Highways, Expressways and Railways.

–         Complete Engineering Design of different types of Grade Separators/Intersections including Geometrics, Structural, Junctions, Drainage and Lighting etc. including development of concept for the same with the available field surveys and other data.



• Equipment Layout
• Piping Design
• Flexibility analysis
•Piping support design
•3D modeling of piping, equipment
•3D modeling of underground piping
•3D model review preparation & presentation
•Walk-through & fly-by of 3D models preparation
•Piping material specification preparation
•Bill of Material
•Technical Evaluation of bulk piping materials vendors
•Preparation of 3D design procedures
•Site survey and plant as-built



•Conceptualization in the field of refinery (cdu & vdu)
•Utility System Design
•Storage Design

Instrumentation & Electrical

•3D modeling of instrumentation cable trays
•Electrical Plot plan
•Electrical single line diagram
•Electrical cable tray/cable trenches layout & its 3D model


Plant Design Automation

•Conversion of legacy 2D design into intelligent 3d modeling system
•Data migration from one version to another
•Intelligent PFD and P&ID preparation
•Preparation of procedures
•Legacy data conversion, migration and integration.
•Conversion of legacy instrumentation data to in-tools