Utilities industry has always been a challenging one. Multiple factors collectively shape its landscape, including factors such as privatization, increasing capital and cross border investments, shifting demands, increasing consumer expectations, and demand for a low carbon future. GTS deep industry knowledge and innovative engineering solutions help our clients in utility industry not only to meet these challenges but to succeed and reach new heights in terms of performance.

Client Challenges    

  • Cope with the increasing consumer demands by building required infrastructure
  • Cut down energy costs by adopting energy efficient technologies
  • Reducing carbon footprints by using alternate and greener source of technologies
  • Maintaining profit with increasing competition, privatization, and cross border investments
  • Adhere to regulatory norms

Our cutting-edge solutions and technical competency in the utilities industry will help you address these challenges in an effective manner as well as enable you to cash opportunities coming your way. Our solutions include:


Smart Grid

A smart grid application is designed by making an intelligent combination of various smart grid components. At GTS, we work as your partner to help you with this as well as help you monitor and interpret information to ensure safe and reliable operation while minimizing outages. Our service offerings include various components of smart grid, such as smart data services, meter data management, system integration, and communication solutions.

IT Systems

Our vast experience in managing IT systems across various industries helps us in gaining a clear understanding of physical networks and inventories in the utilities industries as well. We use our expertise and experience to manage infrastructure and offer IT services such as – Consultancy Services, Data Services, Application Development, Migration, and Integration Services, Testing Services, and Application Support. We provide end to end engineering solutions across complete lifecycle around GIS, OMS, and WMS.

Operational Systems

At GTS, we use our expertise to help customers offer a range of focused solutions and help them make their operational technology ready for smart grid. We stay abreast with the latest operational technologies such as SCADA and DMS and help in incorporating them for substation and distribution automation. Our insight will help our clients from utility industry to tap the wealth of real-time information collected from SCADA and other intelligent devices and deliver it in order to improve operational efficiency, supply reliability and customer satisfaction.

Power Engineering

In order to solve system problems, increase efficiency and improve system performance, one needs to understand system needs and solve system problem. At GTS, we provide engineering consulting services to assist customers with this. Our experienced engineering team uses the leading and latest software tools and is capable of providing full range of engineering and network designing solutions for transmission, distribution and industrial systems.