PLM & Software Engineering

For most product-based companies, engineering companies, and manufacturers, PLM is a set of activities that fall completely or partially outside of their own periphery of expertise. It requires a different focus and skills than product development and involves several challenges, such as focus on process establishment, reinforcement and adherence, selection of right tools and people for the right tasks, availability of adequate technical experience, consistency of product quality, and suitable infrastructure.

In order to help you combat these challenges with ease we, at GTS Engineering USA Incorporated (GTS), offer an integrated array of services in the field of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and software engineering. We help you bring your products to market quickly, manage increasing complexity, and in turn, cut down overall cost of managing your products. Our PLM experts help you gain the most out of your investments while you keep your focus on the tasks where your core strengths lie.


Our offerings in the field of PLM primarily include PLM Consulting and other important services, such as Enterprise Application Integration/implementation/customization, application management, and MIS.

PLM Consulting

In order to ensure that your conceptualized product meets its core objectives and delivers the expected value, we assist in strategizing alignment of your product vision with your organization’s objectives and targets. Our PLM consultants work with our customers to help them model their new processes and to optimize the existing ones making use of Lean principles. For instance, they help formulate the change management processes so that the changes are dealt in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. They also help manage risk by careful examination of requirements, scope, and schedules.

Overall, our PLM consultants keep ‘maximum value derivation’ at the centre of their objectives so that you reap the maximum off every penny you invest!

Implementation, customization & Enterprise Application Integration

In order to leverage the collective benefit of your enterprise I.T. assets to your business needs, GTS offers an extensive array of enterprise application services associated with your PLM platform. Our services include implementation, customization and integration of enterprise applications. Our team is able to address the dynamically changing requirements of your business by implementing enterprise tools, such as ERP (e.g. SAP) and customize them upon a careful analysis of your business.

Migration and support

With vast experience in the field of PLM, our professionals possess sound understanding of the issues most companies face during the usage phases of their PLM platforms. These issues typically include troubles in data management, migration, performance, reliability, and operational efficiency. In order to address these frequent issues, GTS offers services of an apt team of PLM support analysts and migration experts. We help in migrating the PDM data across the legacy or modern systems while offering a wide range of support activities pertinent to the data migration and management.

Application Management

Our PLM support analysts constitute our managed services team and work as per the industry-standard frameworks like ITIL. Our application management services include maintenance of legacy applications and PDM data, multi-line support, documentation, incident management using market-leading tools. By ensuring that our SLAs are consistently met, we help our clients keep their attention on their core business activities. Being a firm believer of Kaizen, we maintain our knowledge repository to avoid re-inventing the wheel and use our lessons from the past.

Manufacturing Information Solutions

At GTS, we realize that there can be a huge efficiency gain if the right and streamlined manufacturing processes are used at your manufacturing units or plants. This is where a Manufacturing Information Solution (MIS) is of vital importance. We bring in our expertise in providing manufacturing information solutions to help you get the most from your investments. It’s indeed a direct outcome of our expertise in manufacturing and process optimization that we are able to support our customers in cutting down the costs and increasing the overall efficiency.

Software Engineering

Our software engineering services are tailored to help our clients make the best use of the latest tools and emerging technologies to ease up their organizational activities. We specialize in offering several services related to software engineering that provide you value addition on a number of facets.

Integration with engineering & business systems

For optimum usage of information technology, disparate engineering and business systems must be designed to interact with each other. However, it’s a challenging task for most enterprises to make their separate departments, engineering and business systems collaborate to gain the advantage of seamless data communication and reduced latencies. Our integration experts, having experience in integrating various systems, can help design and implement an integration project to a successful closure.

Utilization of Corporate Engineering Knowledge

Despite the scattered availability of the engineering knowledge available with various individuals, most organizations fail to utilize it in the most effective way. GTS offers its knowledge-base engineering service to strategize, organize, and collate the useful scattered knowledge to build a useful knowledge repository. With our knowledge engineering services, you can be assured of lossless and exhaustive coverage of knowledge with the easiest availability right when it’s needed.

Design & Process Automation

To maximize the efficiency of your manufacturing processes and help you migrate to use the latest automated methods of designing, we offer our design & process automation service. Our design experts and consultants have assisted several organizations to shift from the traditional and less effective working methods to the modern, efficient, and accurate methods of designing.

CAD Customization & Interfaces

GTS, being a ‘new age’ company, possesses expertise in using the software tools to aid customization of your designs. We are able to customize the CAD based designs and interfaces to assist you create the most accurate designs in a cost-effective fashion.

Application Support & Maintenance

IT experts of GTS are able to take care of your applications with our support and maintenance services. They undertake various activities, such as application tuning, optimization, data fixes, sanitization, change management, incident management etc in order to ensure that  your software applications do not become a bottleneck in carrying out your business processes smoothly.