At GTS, we realize that a successful delivery requires excellent infrastructure to facilitate the smooth and hassle-free execution of projects. This is why we are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure that allows us to execute projects of any scale and complexity. Our infrastructure richness becomes a distinguished strength when an engagement demands high quality, quick deliveries, dynamic team communications, and strict information security. Our infrastructural assets can be broadly classified as follows:

Work conditions

We have our delivery centers with the sizes that support housing of multiple teams and allow us to scale up whenever the situation demands it. Our workplaces are hygienic and ergonomically designed so that our staff maintains optimum productivity levels all the time. We strictly comply with all the health and safety regulations applicable to/recommended for any organization in our business.

IT Assets

We are equipped with the powerful hardware capabilities and network infrastructure to always stay unrestricted by the ever-increasing demands of the modern applications. Our staff has unrestrained access to all the software tools required for them to carry out their job responsibilities in the most efficient manner. Our facilities are equipped with the on-campus wireless Internet, high speed LAN and WAN connectivity, and ability for our remote working staff to connect into our corporate network using our VPN.

Information Security

We care about the sensitive nature of the information that flows through the communication channels to/from our network and that is stored in our servers. For the data security, we have strict data protection policies and strong data encryption mechanism in place. Also, we have strict corporate policies around the theft and loss of data pertinent to a customer or ourselves so that our clients can confide in us and can focus on their core business activities.

Communication Infrastructure

We have invested in keeping our communication infrastructure up to the required standards in this competitive era. Our facilities have conference rooms with video conferencing capabilities, high-bandwidth communication channels to connect over the Internet, VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) telephony, long distance telephony facilities, Webex/Netmeeting access, VPN connectivity. Consequently, we ensure that our customers and employees are never constrained by limitation posed by an inadequate communication infrastructure.