Medical Devices

GTS provides medical technologies that aim towards providing cost-effective patient care solutions.  Our medical equipment research and development team strives to create a fast and fluent system of patient monitoring. We are integrating early diagnosis, remote patient monitoring, wireless devices, innovative parameters, and zero-defect miniature devices to create a fast, fluent, and smooth system of patient care.

We understand the need of continuous evolution and innovation in the medical sector and at the same time the pressure medical device manufacturers face due to increased financial pressures. That is why, at GTS we offer complete engineering solutions for medical device manufacturers and deliver carefully designed solutions that drive innovation, cost effective solution and a reduced time to market.

Our medical device Research &Development team works on three major product segments:

Diagnostic Imaging

With new and advanced diagnostics imaging solutions being launched in the market on a daily basis, the demand for innovative imaging technology is at all time high. At GTS, we work with global leaders to deliver high-end diagnostic image processing solutions spanning across complete medical imaging lifecycle. Our medical engineers are expert in various imaging processes and technologies and help our global clients by offering them imaging solutions with efficient algorithms and faster computing applications.

We have the capability to deal with the entire complex development process in the diagnostic imaging sector and deliver solution for various product platforms, such as:

  • Digital X-Ray Systems
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging System
  • Tele-Radiology and Tele-Pathology
  • MRI and CT scan systems
  • Computed Tomography Systems
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems
  • Angiography Systems
  • Nuclear Medicine Imaging Systems

 Patient Monitoring System

At GTS, our continuous effort is in developing a world-class, futuristic, and cost-effective patient monitoring system. Our patient monitoring system comprises of complete range of patient care starting from hospital monitoring to bedside monitoring, home monitoring, and much more. Our innovative products are designed to stand tall in the highly competitive market of medical devices and integrate modern trends in healthcare such as wireless communication technology and mobile healthcare with product portfolio to deliver the best and streamlined patient monitoring system. We are committed to deliver cost-effective patient monitoring solutions with a reduced time to market.

We offer end-to-end engineering solution to deliver a wide range of patient monitoring system, such as:

  • ECG, NIBP, IBP, CO2, SPO2, Heart Rate and Fetal Monitors
  • Single and Multi Vital Sign Monitors
  • Multiparameter Cardiac Monitors
  • Central Hand Helds
  • Holter Monitors
  • Respiratory and Anesthesia Monitors
  • Blood Glucose Monitors
  • Spyrometers and Capnographs
  • EEG, EMG, Apnea Monitors
  • Central Nurses’ Stations
  • And Remote Patient Monitoring System

Therapeutic Equipment

At GTS, we have a brilliant team of in-house medical device consultants with wealth of knowledge and experience in the therapeutic segment. Our experts posses a deep knowledge in major therapeutic areas and are capable of delivering a wide range of solutions related to medical products and technologies.  We can take the product from the initial stages of product development and work on its complete lifecycle. We can also step in at any particular stage and assist our clients with their endeavors. Given below is a representative list of our engineering solutions for the therapeutic segment

  • Electrosurgical Units
  • Implantable Devices
  • Dialysis Machines
  • Lithotriptors
  • Infusion Pumps
  • Consumer/OTC Products
  • Diabetes Management
  •  Wound Care / Wound Healing