Life @ GTS Engineering

GTS Engineering USA Incorporated (GTS) is an organization where importance of employees’ growth is never underestimated. To our employees, it means that they consistently have ways to steer their endeavours to meet their career goals. These definitive ways may be one of more of several tools and techniques we make available to each of our valued professionals. These include, exposure to cutting-edge technologies, learning exercises, cross-cultural working experience, cross-domain experience, work-life balance, fun at work, and even community service.

Whereas these work as cornerstones for our employees growth, they benefit us by strengthening our workforce to compete and excel in this world of cut-throat competition. These cornerstones are:

Cross-cultural Global Work Experience

Our work engagements span across geographical boundaries. We not only have our clients from across continents, but also have employ professionals who bring in their unique cultural heritage with themselves. This helps us build a kaleidoscope of people with varying strengths, likes and dislikes, intellectual specialities and interests. In turn, this equips you with the skills that can be learned only in a global multi-cultural environment like ours.

Work Exposure across Domains

Our presence in a multitude of industry vertical helps our professionals make choices about their preferred work domains. We, at the same time, promote an environment that gives you opportunities to explore your brighter side and contribute in the best fashion you can, based on your aspirations.

Learning Exercises

We truly believe that our empowerment is totally dependent on the skills of our professionals. This is why we invest on training and development programs to facilitate on-the-job skill enhancement. Also, we promote an environment of fostering mentors and leaders who realize the importance of constant knowledge sharing to their own career growth.