GTS has been providing world-class engineering solutions to the commercial marine market.  We offer next-generation engineering solutions for ship designing, ship construction, ship repair and overall lifecycle management by continually seeking new and improved ways of providing services needed by the customers.

We are proud to have onboard a team of experienced designers and naval architects who are proficient in using our sophisticated software system to lower design cost, fast project deliveries and overall enhance productivity. What makes us different from others is our experienced skill base for Marine Services, which include:

  • Naval Architects with diverse expertise & extensive experience in design & construction of ships at shipyards
  • Marine Chief Engineers with experience in different types of vessels & shipyards
  • Well Qualified Graduate Engineers, Mechanical, Structural, Electrical & Metallurgical with experience in Marine industry
  • Designers with experience in marine structure and engineering
  • CAD Engineers with experience in 3D drawing and CAD modelling

We have the required skill set and experience needed for using advanced software, such as Tribon, Intelliship, Ship Constructor, PDS, AutoCAD, and many more. We invite you all to enjoy the benefits of marine engineering services offered by GTS and avail its quick response service and ability to provide fast turnaround repairs, thus minimizing disruption for ship operators.