Energy – Oil & Gas and Power

Our offerings in the energy-related industries are diverse and so is our capability to offer an array of solutions specific to our customers’ requirements. Ranging from conventional sources of energy to renewable ones, we cater to requirements related to energy distribution, increasing the energy efficiency of your facilities, transport of energy, energy plant design and engineering.

At GTS, we specialize in the solutions in the fields of Oil & Gas and power. Here is the brief overview of our strengths in these industries.

Oil & Gas

GTS strives to contribute to the activities of oil and gas customers who are related to the exploration and production of hydrocarbon fuels. Our objective is to assist our customers in improvement of safety, enhancement of best practice and reduction of project and operational costs with an appropriate usage of advanced technologies and techniques.

Onshore & Offshore Oil & Gas

We have assisted many of our noteworthy clients with cost-effective, safe and reliable extraction, production, and transport of oil & gas from offshore and onshore oil & gas fields. We have equipped ourselves with expertise in providing technological solutions for extraction of oil, consultancy to reduce costs associated with aspects like compliance with regulation, and in providing support throughout the project lifecycles, from the FEED stage to installation, performance monitoring, progress tracking and issue-addressing.


In order to ensure that supply chains of the Oil & Gas industries meet the standards and needs of today, we help our clients to enhance their safety policies, best practices, and optimize costs with the utilization of the latest tools and technologies. In particular, we help our clients with important aspects, including material selection, corrosion mitigation, installation, inspection planning, testing and research.

Petrochemical & Refinery

GTS offers its excellent research, project management, operation and testing services to the companies in the field of petrochemical plants, gas and steam turbines, refineries, natural gas production and refining. With our multi-disciplinary approach, we assist our clients to optimize their operations and ensure their regulatory compliance. Our experts also provide research and testing services for chemical and petrochemical plants, utility boilers with steam and gas turbines, and all other associated process facilities.



GTS possesses expertise in helping utility companies, OEMs, service providers, nuclear decommissioning agencies, research organizations and regulators to ensure smooth and safe operation of their power generation and distribution plants and assets. We have provided considerable value-addition to our customers in the power industry by providing technological solutions, advice and consultancy, all underpinned by world-class research.


With the ever increasing demand for electricity, number of thermal plant projects is also increasing worldwide. This, in turn, generates demand for in-depth materials knowledge, robust asset management approaches, and proven project management processes. Our services are aimed at improving plant profitability by helping you with optimum replacement scheduling, reduced overhaul costs, reduced outages, and balancing cost versus plant life. We have proven track record in providing services, including outage management, plant life extension, and quality assurance for new and existing plant projects.


In the growing and natural resource rich countries, hydropower is major source of electricity. Whereas long plant life and greater safety are the key drivers for utilization of hydropower, it involves issues related to concrete encasement and size of components, low temperature operation and aging asset management. GTS offers its unique expertise in structural integrity, inspection, repair and risk based asset life optimization.


One of the most promising sources of renewable energy, wind, is having a constantly growing demand these days. With the demand for wind turbines, there is an ongoing emphasis on lighter structures, better efficiencies, and optimal manufacturing. This generates a need for performance monitoring of turbines, regular inspection, appropriate material selection, fabrication, integrity assessment, and compliance. We, at GTS, offer our expertise in materials, fabrication and inspection, corrosion protection, fatigue assessments and structural integrity maintenance to wind energy operators, developers and OEMs. We are able to support our customers at any stage of a new project and also, can ensure operational effectiveness of their existing plants.


Nuclear power utilization poses several challenges related to efficiency, waste management, disaster management, safety and regulatory compliances. We help the nuclear power operators and OEMs in addressing these challenges considering their geographic uniqueness.  In particular, we help our customers in carrying out the following crucial activities:

–          Implementing enhanced techniques to optimize efficiency of the welding processes

–          Repair procedures

–          Non-Destructive Engineering (NDE)

–          Structural integrity assessment of the aging plants

–          Training the staff on welding and inspection to ensuring their qualification during the construction phases

–          Waste management

–          Decommissioning support

–          Risk management and disaster management

–          Plant lifetime extension, cost reduction and reliability assurance.