Project Engineering




  • High Side

–         Equipment Selections/ Specifications/ Sizing

–         Plant/ Equipment room coordinated layouts with two line piping, panels, wiring etc.

–         Plant Loop System design

–         Equipment Schedule and BOM


  • Low Side

–         Air System Design

  • Heat Load Estimation

–         Trane Tracer/ E-20 II HAP method used for commercial buildings/ standard systems

–         Low RH areas

–         High RH areas

–         High Sensible Load Applications

–         100% fresh air systems etc.


  • Air Distribution System types

–         Single zone (constant volume/ single unit)

–         Single zone/ multiple terminal units like FCUs, PKC etc.

–         Multi-zone, variable volume systems with VAVs

–         Once through systems

–         Air System Design contd…


  • Air Distribution System: Duct Design Pressures

–         Low Pressure Ducting

–         Medium Pressure Ducting

–         High Pressure Ducting


  • Duct Fabrication Standards

–         SMACNA

–         DW144/ DW143


  • Air-conditioned Room Pressures

–         Normal pressure

–         Positive pressure rooms like clean rooms (designed as per FS 209E and ISO 14644 Classification Standards), operation theaters, isolation rooms etc.

–         Negative pressure rooms like isolation rooms, vaccination/ viral/ bio-production areas etc.


  • Air Handling Unit Design/ Configurations

–         For Cooling/ Heating/ Humidification/ De-humidification/ Heat recovery

–         Single fan/ Two fan systems

–         Air Filtration Systems like HEPA filters (0.3/ 0.12 microns), Microvee filters (5/ 3 microns), Pre filters (20 microns) etc.

–         Control System P&I and Operation Logic


Air System Design Highlights

–         Coordinated ducting layout drawings and AHU room layouts on AutoCAD

–         Interference checking on 2D/3D

–         Air side pressure drop calculations

–         Design/ Drafting software used to prepare layout drawings

–         Production Wizard software – an ERP/ BOM processor used to generate Bill of Materials based on G.I. coil width for fabricating the ducts. The software can accept output file from AutoCAD in any format

–         Control loops and P&I diagram with logic


  • Low Side contd…


–         Water Piping System Design


  • Chilled water/ Condenser water/ Hot water/ Dual temperature water systems design


  • Closed water systems design categories

–         Constant flow or Variable flow

–         Direct return or Reverse return water systems

–         Two pipe or Four pipe water systems for Dual temperature systems


  • Plant Building Loop combination (primary/ secondary pumping systems)
  • Plant Distribution Building Loop combination
  • Specifications/ selection & sizing

–         Pumps for Constant volume/ Variable volume pumping systems

–         Control valves

–         Piping, valves & pipe accessories

–         Cooling towers

–         Expansion tank/ compression tank (closed expansion tank)


  • Design of Control Systems for plant building loop and plant distribution building loop combinations



Water Piping System Design Highlights

–         Construction/ shop drawing:

  • Coordinated equipment/ piping layout drawings with interference check on 2D/3D

–         Calculation of water side pressure drop

–         Equipment schedules with specifications

–         BOM with specifications based on final drawings

–         Schematic piping layout drawings

–         Control loops and P&I diagrams with logic




Fire Protection System (FPS)


–         FPS design including smoke exhaust system

–         Equipment selection/ sizing & specifications

–         Coordinated plant/ equipment room layout with two line piping, pumps etc.

–         Wet riser/ dry riser sizing, coordinated layout drawings

–         Sprinkler piping selection/ layout drawings

–         Smoke exhaust ducting design & coordinated layout drawings

–         Design details of fire dampers including sizing/ location & installation details for air distribution systems/ duct layouts

–         Operation logic & control systems

–         Bill of Materials (BOM)




  • Design & engineering of :

–         Domestic & Process Water supply systems

–         Water Drainage & Sewage systems

–         Steam piping

–         Gaseous Systems

–         Plumbing sizes/ coordinated layout drawings

–         Equipment selection/ specifications

–         Pressure drop calculations

–         Bill of Materials




  • Design of Electrical distribution systems (High Voltage/ Low Voltage)
  • Electrical load list indicating critical loads and single line diagrams including emergency supply
  • Preparation of coordinated electrical drawings
  • Preparation of cable layouts for power, control and earthing for HVAC systems, industrial installations, other building services like Fire Protections System, Water Supply System and Lighting
  • Interference management with other engineering disciplines, mechanical systems like HVAC, FPS, BMS, false ceiling levels, location and levels of RCC beams etc. while finalizing the layouts
  • Design and preparation of layout drawings of cable trays for HV/ LV, power & control cables
  • Calculations for sizing, earthing, cabling, lightning protection, indoor & outdoor lighting illumination, DG Sets, UPS, Battery and Battery chargers etc.
  • Preparation of specifications, drawings, BOM, data sheets etc. for electrical motors, cables, MCC, DG Sets, UPS, Lighting Systems, Lighting Fixtures, Battery with Battery chargers and accessories
  • Design and preparation of layout for Control Systems Communication Systems, Data and Voice Systems, Structured Cabling Systems, networks etc.


Our Service Offerings for MEP Sectors:


  • Drafting & Detailing

–         Coordinated system layout drawings (2D) with interference check (3D)

  • Across all phases of the project including Design Development, Construction Drawings, etc.
  • Across all engineering disciplines including Mechanical, Fire Protection Systems, Electrical, Instrumentation and Plumbing

–         Schematic layouts / loop drawings

–         Drawing detailing including

  • Sections of critical elevations
  • Sizing, locations, installations & support details
  • Tag Nos.
  • Detailed BOM


  • Design Development

–         Energy efficient system design

–         Equipment selection/ sizing and finalization of specifications

–         Preparation of construction/ shop drawings in coordination with building structures/ interior layouts & other services

–         Equipment schedules

–         Bill of Materials for variable materials/ items with specifications


  • Construction Documentation

–         Preparation of RFQ and detailed specifications of plant equipment / materials

–         Tender evaluation (if-required) of plant equipment / materials

–         Preparation of installation/ commissioning check documents

  • Design Qualification
  • Installation Qualification
  • Operation Qualification
  • Performance Qualification


  • Preparation of O&M manuals based on spare parts list & Equipment details provided by vendors
  • Preparation of as-built drawings based on site modifications