Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

"Collaboratively delivering Innovative Manufacturing & Plant Solutions to enable our customers effectively lead their markets."


Our Mission:

"To co-create values & opportunities of growth for our customers through harnessing our passion & innovation."


Our Business Philosophy: 

“To deliver Context & Core approach as Engineering is a Highly Collaborative Process, involves IP & requires Domain Knowledge.”


*Core Processes in an organization are those that differentiate you and your offering so that the customers select you over the competition. Everything else is Context.

context to core approach

Our Value Proposition:

"Integrating seamlessly as a 'virtual extension' of the Engineering & Design team of the client, leveraging on a multi-location approach to Manufacturing & Plant Design & Engineering Solutions with our collaborative model which emphasizes innovation & value."

  • Leveraging on our engineering skill, GTS has formed a Engineering Services group which provides worldwide services in Mechanical Design, Plant Design Automation & Technical Documentation.
  • Aim to cover complete services spectrum from Industrial Design to Original Design Manufacturing & Plant Design Automation with technical publishing of all the engineered goods.
  • Conceptualization through manufacturing capability.
  • Creation  of Centers of Excellence

– Engineering Disciplines
– Technology Platforms
– Domains/ Verticals

  • To evolve from a discrete services model to an integrated & innovative solution model