To survive in today’s harsh and competitive business environment, consumer companies need to understand the changing consumer needs and come up rapidly with relevant product and solutions. To do this, the consumer companies must answer few important questions – How to enhance business efficiency and streamline operations? How to increase affordability, reduce cost and ensure security of supply? All of these conditions must be met, while under immense pressure, to deliver what consumer wants and thus gain an edge over your competitors.

At GTS, we help consumer companies to address these challenges and develop faster, smoother and easier technologies to reduce time and enhance cost-performance ratio. With decades of combined engineering experience, our teams of expert professionals can support entire product lifecycle from pre-product development to its manufacturing, support, and testing. We cater to needs of varied industry groups, including office automation, consumer electronics, consumer durables, security, and gaming equipment.

Office Automation:

Ever-changing business needs, increasing complexity, and cut-throat competition has forced companies to demand for faster and smoother office automation products. To stay abreast with the latest technologies and to reduce time and cost for processing digital media, you need smart and creative office solutions. Innovative designs at GTS helps you streamline office processes and offer a quick turnaround time for your customers thus reducing time to market.

Our office automation services include:

  • Hardware and application development
  • Software support
  • Benchmarking and pre-product development
  • Product re-engineering
  • System integration
  • Manufacturing support
  • After market support

Electronics and Durables

Both Consumer Electronics and Consumer Durables are probably the fastest growing business segments. The revolutions in these industries are in full throttle. Smartphones and tablets have changed the way people used to stay connected. Working in the consumer electronics industry demands you to be one your toes where a new product is instantly replaced by a newer one. Similarly consumer durables demand for greener, lighter, and more eco friendly appliances to suit today’s busy and budget-conscious lifestyle.

At GTS, we understand the need of today’s consumers and offer our clients with the modern and most economic designs that are sure to lure their consumers.  We use our years of engineering experience to design products that are both eco and cost friendly. We stay abreast with latest technology and design futuristic products to meet consumer needs today as well as in coming time.

Our Consumer Electronics and Consumer Durables services include:

  • Product design and development
  • Hardware and firmware development
  • Application development
  • Product testing and support
  • Manufacturing support
  • Value added services

Security and Gaming Equipment

At GTS, we understand the importance of security for your business and that is why we have a special team of talented and experienced engineers who work hard to come up with innovative designs that are reliable as well. Our several years of experience in designing security equipment have helped us establish ourselves as market leaders in designing robust and reliable security products that too at extremely pocket-friendly prices.

With new and better gaming consoles being invented with each passing day, people working in consumer gaming equipment must stay ready to deal with the competition. Consumer demands for newer and smarter gaming consoles and as a consumer-centric company, we work real hard to provide our customers with the best gaming experience. We design futuristic games to ensure our customers always stay ahead in the race regardless of the changes.

Our Security and Gaming Equipment services include:

  • Product design and development
  • Application development
  • Testing and validation
  • System integration
  • User interface and control development
  • Gaming algorithm and application development
  • Integrated security management